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Start Bio-individuality Coach Course Set Up Your Student Practitioner Account Join the Support Group Introduce Yourself Become a Bio-i Affiliate Add the Podcast Version of the Coach Course to Your Phone Learn to Run Self-Tests Learn to Fill Out a Datasheet Subscribe to the Kick It Naturally Podcast Apply for Natural Reference Account Learn to be a Distance Coach Graduate and Unlock Other Features Activate Coaching Account to Work With Clients Get Client Referrals Natural Reference Account Upgrade

Start Bio-individuality Coach Course

This is where you want to start.  If you want, you can browse a few other areas of the membership, or you can start to go through the Coach's version of one of the Done-for-You courses if you're eager to see how those look, but you need to graduate this course before the rest of the site is unlocked for you.  For that reason, put your attention here.

Get Started Here

Set Up Your Student Practitioner Account

This is required to take the Bio-individuality Coach course.  In this course, we teach you how to work in a private setting to add more protection for your business.  This is also how we operate.  So we don't offer this course to the public, and instead, we only offer it to private club members.  The $20 annual fee goes to the nonprofit organization and you can cancel anytime.  If you already have a Coalition account, you still need to register for this student practitioner version, but after you pay your $20, email the Coalition and let them know you already have an account and they will refund the charge. More detailed instructions are found in the first unit of the coach course

Register here

Join the Support Group

Joining the support group is an absolute MUST.  This is worth the price of admission all by itself. If you get stuck on a tough case, you can just post the case in the group and get feedback from instructors and coaches from around the world.  Even if you don't have a Facebook account, create a free account just for this.  You can even use a fake last name if you have privacy concerns and then just let us know what fake name you're using so we can let you in.

But sure to answer all the questions and agree to the terms when you click join or we won't be able to add you.

Join the Group HERE

Introduce Yourself

Once you're added to the support group, we'd love to hear from you.  Let us know where you are in the world and what type of health or fitness professional you are, or are aspiring to be.

Introduce Yourself in the Group Now

Become a Bio-i Affiliate

If you already have a following of health professionals, this could be incredibly lucrative for you, as we pay our affiliates a 50% commission on any members who sign up through their affiliate link.  But even if you don't have a following of health professionals, you likely have a friend or two you might talk to about the Bio-i.  It would likely only take 2 of your friends signing up to have your annual membership covered every year since we pay commissions on renewals too.

So go ahead and apply now so you have access to your affiliate links if you come across any friends who want to sign up.  You'll learn more about affiliate incomes in the marketing course, but you can get this set up now so you have it.

Watch this quick video and register as an affiliate


Add the Podcast Version of the Coach Course to Your Phone

This is an amazing way to let all this information sink in much faster.  We turned the entire coach course into a podast feed you can add to your phone.  You can then listen as you wash the dishes or do yardwork.  it's all about the repetition.  You'll still need to go through the actual course and take the tests to graduate, but listening during your daily activities will help you grasp all this information much faster.

We show you how to set this up in Unit 2 of the course here

Learn to Run Self-Tests

You'll also learn about more advanced tests in this course, but the self-tests that you can have clients run on themselves at home are where the real magic happens.

You'll start to learn about testing in module 4 of the coach course here.

Learn to Fill Out a Datasheet

The Datasheet is what you'll use to organize all the information you gather about each client and their physiology.  It will help you paint a picture of what is likely going on with them.   The best part is that if you get stuck on a tough case, you can just post the datasheet in the support group (Be sure to remove their last name), and we'll give you feedback and help you figure out anything you're missing.

We teach how to use a datasheet in module 4.5 of the caoch course here.

Subscribe to the Kick It Naturally Podcast

This is our podcast for consumers, but it's an excellent way to hear about specific health issues and how imbalances or digestive issues can contribute to them.  It's one more stream of information you can listen to as you drive or handle daily tasks.  It's just about reinforcing this information any way you can.

To subscribe for free, simply search for Kick It Naturally on iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app.

Apply for Natural Reference Account

You'll learn a lot about supplements in the coach course, and you may want to test some of them out on yourself.  With a practitioner account, you can receive a 28% commission on any supplements you, or your clients buy when using your practitioner code.  Your account won't have access to the advanced supplements until you graduate from the coach course, but you'll be able to buy any of the supplements that are available to the general public and start earning commissions.

Register for your free health professional account here and select "non-Biomedx" practitioner during the registration process.

Learn to be a Distance Coach

We rebuilt module 11 to teach you how to work virtually with clients so you can open up your options to anywhere in the world.  This will be a great help if you use our presentation systems to do webinars attendees from around the world.  This will allow you to work with clients anywhere people speak the same language you do.

Go to Module 11

Graduate and Unlock Other Features

Once you graduate from the Bio-individuality Coach course, it will open up a wide variety of features for you.  Not only will you have new priveledges like activating your Coalition account and receiving referrals from the Coalition, along with having your Natural Reference account upgraded so you and your clients can access the advanced supplements, other aspects of the membership open up to you as well.

  • You'll be able to access the registration codes so you can start selling or giving away the done-for-you courses.
  • You'll be able to access any presentation systems you've acquired.
  • You'll be able to start the Health Pro Marketing Course.
  • You'll have access to the Coach's Toolbox.
  • And you'll have access to the Coach's Store.

Graduating this course allows you to take full advantage of your membership.  If you haven't started the coach course yet, Jump In Now.

Activate Coaching Account to Work With Clients

Once you graduate, the Coalition will send you instructions on activating your student practitioner account and turning it into an actual practitioner account.  Not only will this give the added protection of working with clients in a private club setting, but you'll also be able to use all the tracking and communication tools available on the site.  The real magic in seeing client results is in tracking their self-test numbers and helping them make the right adjustments.

A nice bonus for activating your account can be that the Coalition will include you in their rotation of referrals for distance coaching clients.  When people read any of our books, we tell them if they want the help of a coach, go to the Coalition to find one.

Get Client Referrals

Anytime we do a big book promotion where we have thousands of people download our books for free, the Coalition will receive requests for a coach. Once your coach account is activated, if anyone requests a coach in your area, you will likely receive that referral.  But for many areas, there are no coaches available and we offer to connect the person with one of our coaches who can work with them remotely.  If you have requested to be added to the rotation of distance coaches, you can receive new client referrals that way as well.

Once you graduate and activate your coach account, be sure to contact the Coalition and ask them to add you to the rotation.

Natural Reference Account Upgrade

Once you graduate from the coach course, Natural Reference will upgrade your account so you and your clients will have access to the advanced supplements.  This means better results for your clients and more commissions for you.