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Affiliate Resources (Promote to Health Pros)

This page contains images and campaign ideas to be promoted to health professionals.

Here are your affiliate ad images.  You can download by right-clicking (or control-clicking), and select “Save Image As”

You will find videos below explaining how to add affiliate links to your site if needed.

You can log in to your Words to Spare for the Bio-i Affiliate control panel and access links to promote the Bio-i Membership here:

****Please Watch This Video Before Grabbing Any Affiliate Links From Your Dashboard!****


How To Get Your Affiliate Links




Adding Affiliate Links to Your Site


Affiliate Link Disclosures


Use this image at the top of any page on your site that includes affiliate links.  Here’s one with a white background:



Here’s one with a clear background:



Then link this image to a page that says something along these lines:

There are some affiliate links on this page and I may receive commissions or compensation for purchases made through links on this page, but these are all products I highly recommend.  I won’t put anything on this site that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.


*** Excellent Evergreen Promotion

If you use one of these images, along with the link for “Health Pro Results Book Download” found in your affiliate control panel under “Links”, you can invite your followers to download the book for free.  They will be added to our automatic email sequence that will provide them with valuable content while they are reading the book.   The sequence will then either pitch the Bio-i Membership to them or invite them to a webinar or to a 3-part video event where we will pitch the membership to them.

If they don’t buy, they will be added to another sequence that will later invite them to another webinar on a different topic.

If you want to promote your free book download affiliate link on your Facebook page, you can also use this graphic that was created for Facebook.  Be sure to let them know it’s an affiliate link.

More Images You can Use to Promote Other Links in your Affiliate Control Panel


























The image below could be used as an add in your right-hand column that points to an article explaining how you learned the things that have made you successful.  The article could have a variety of links pointing to the Bio-i Registration page.


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