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Bio-i Affiliate’s Toolbox

Module 1 How to Use Affiliate LInks
Unit 1 Using Your Affiliate LInks  
Unit 2 Graphics and Resources  
Unit 3 Creating a Significant Residual Income  
Module 2 Affiliate Strategies
Unit 1 Which Approach is Best for You?  
Unit 2 Book Download Strategy  
Unit 3 Invite to 3-Part Video Series Strategy  
Unit 4 Invite to Evergreen Webinar Strategy  
Unit 5 Article for Health Pros Strategy  
Unit 6 Do Your Own Webinars Strategy  
Module 3 Presentation: Using Bio-individuality Virtually in Your Biz
Unit 1 Intro to Done-For-You Affiliate Presentations  
Unit 2 Download Your Affiliate Presentation File  
Unit 3 About Your Affiliate Presentation File  
Unit 4 Editing Your Affiliate Presentation  
Unit 5 Recorded Version of Presentation  
Unit 6 Handouts and Bonuses  
Unit 7 Marketing Images