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What You'll Learn in this Course!

With Thousands of Listeners From More Than 40 Countries...

These guys teach consumers and health professionals alike how to get real results by better understanding how individualized biochemistry and human physiology interact with nutrition.

Help Your Clients See the Results that Can Create Unlimited Client Referrals

What our students are saying...

"While I was getting some spring cleaning done, I was able to get rid of an entire box of medicines I previously ued daily.  An entire box!  Thank you Kick It Naturally team (and support group coaches) for your help with this... Oh, and also for the 70+ pounds I lost this past year!  Your advice and support have been truly life changing.  Even my dog has lost weight using what I've learned."

- Nissa B. - Health Coach from

Graduates Will Qualify for Referrals from the
Coalition For Health Education!

Upon graduating from this course, you will have the option to work as a Coalition practitioner and receive client referrals from around the world.

"I have been using T.C.’s system for almost two years now, both for myself and my clients. I’m a natural health practitioner as well as a personal trainer and it’s been extremely helpful in getting results for my clients.  I used to suffer from chronic low blood pressure, cravings, mood swings and the inability to recover from my workouts.  Once I learned the “magic” of digestion and how to correct imbalances, I’ve seen my blood pressure return to normal, I have better control over my moods and I have more than enough energy to train my clients AND myself!"

- Mandy M.


Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Expenses?

To take this course, you must register for a special studying member account on the Coalition For Health Education website.  This membership to the nonprofit private organization is only $20 annually and can be canceled anytime once you graduate.  If you already have an account on the Coalition that is currently active and not suspended, this $20 fee can be refunded after you register.  This account will provide you with all the coaching tools so you can learn how to use them during the course.
As an option, once you graduate, if you choose to use the site with your clients, you can activate the coaching account for a student discount of $195 (Normally $495) with a $15 monthly coaching fee.  You can decide if you want to take this step after you graduate.

Other Possible Expenses

These tools are not required to learn or complete the course, but many of you will choose to pick up testing tools at your local pharmacy or online, so that you can test your own chemistry as you learn.  The most common tools used are:
• pH strips - around $15
• Blood Pressure Cuff - around $45
• Glucometer - around $40
More advanced tools you may want to acquire include:
• Refractometer - around $50
• Ureas test kit - around $100
• Conductivity Meter - around $300

Again, these tools are not required to finish the course, and many are not even required to work as a coach.  But once you learn how to use them, many of you will want to acquire some of these tools.

Does this course provide a state recognized license?

No. This course does not provide any type of medical license in any way.  However, you will recieve a certificate of completion and you will qualify to work as a health coach within the Coalition for Health Education, as well as recieve client referrals from the Coalition .  The course also teaches how to learn about specific laws and regulations regarding health coaching in your particular state, for those who choose not to use the Coalition framework that our coaches use.

Is this a personal training course?

No.  However, since nutrition is the key to success with training clients, we get a lot of personal trainers, and wide variety of other health professionals taking this course.

If I decide this course is not for me, can I get a refund?

Yes.  We have a full 30-day refund policy where you can cancel your account and get a full refund anytime within 30 days of your registration.

Brand New As a Health Pro?

If You're Still Figuring Out if this Career is Right For You, and You're Not Ready to Register for the Health Pro Results Course Just Yet...

Watch Our Free 3-Part Video Series

This free 3-part video series will walk you through all the ins and outs of working as a health pro.  These are significant free trainings (about 20 minutes each) that will help you figure out of a career as a health pro is right for you.  Click the link for video 1 below to watch it now and we'll send you part 2 and part 3.

See Inside the Course

Take a tour to see the ins and outs of how this course works, and some of the great bonuses you'll have access to when you register. 

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The Private Facebook Support Group Alone
Will Be Worth the Cost of the Class.

"Over the last 10 months I’ve gone from a pants size of 44 down to a 34.  I lost approximately 80 pounds.  Tony gives you that knowledge to do that.  What you do with that knowledge is up to you."

Brian P.

Health Pro Results Course Pricing

Because you were sent to this page by someone who has likely graduated from this course, you're receiving a $200 discount on our normal $895 price.
Make Payments or Pay Now and Save $160 More!

  • One Single Payment

    • 11 Modules of Training
    • Step-by-Step Videos
    • Advanced Digestion Topics
    • Testing & Imbalances
    • Audio/Video Resources
    • Coaching Training Wheels
    • Qualify For Client Referrals
    • Case Studies
    • ...and much MORE!
  • 9 Monthly Payments

    $95 /month
    • 11 Modules of Training
    • Step-by-Step Videos
    • Advanced Digestion Topics
    • Testing & Imbalances
    • Audio/Video Resources
    • Coaching Training Wheels
    • Qualify For Client Referrals
    • Case Studies
    • ...and much MORE!

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