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See what other students from around the world are saying about our Online Health Coach Course.

Darek – Schaumburg, IL

DarekLeski“If you’re passionate about helping people, or even yourself and your family, take this amazing course. At your own pace, and in such an easy way, you will learn the importance of biological individuality, how to interpret simple measurements of your physiology, and how to help balance the body and feel better for optimal health.

Though I have been working as a health coach for some time, this course finally helped me to connect the dots and allowed me to get the full understanding of this work. I wish we had material like this to learn from a few years back. It’s finally here! So for anybody interested in this work, this course is a big shortcut. An AMAZING shortcut and a reference I can go back and review anytime I need.”

Brian – Citronelle, AL

BrianPerry“This experience has been awesome! I have learned so much over the process that I am able to speak to people about what I’ve learned. I still have a long way to go, and am very grateful for the Health Coach Course Workbook that will let me search and find specific information and go back into videos that I need to refresh my memory on. I encourage you to take notes, go at your own speed because like certain diets not being for everyone not everyone is going to learn the same way either. But there is a way for anyone to learn here. Well worth the money and the time invested.”


Nissa – Saint John, IN


“I found Kick Your Fat in the Nuts in March 2014. Ever since then I have re-read the book several times, listened to the audio version of the book, listened to all of the Kick it Naturally podcasts (most more than once), and read all of the topics on the Facebook help page. While I learned a ton of information through all of these methods, I still had many questions that were unanswered. This course filled in so many missing pieces of the puzzle that I feel comfortable talking to anyone about health related topics and I know I am informed and can help so many others with their health issues. I have always wanted to work in the health industry, but did not want to follow the same bad mainstream advice found everywhere! Completing this course was key to building my confidence to go on to build a successful health coaching business. Now I know I can help people succeed with natural methods instead of spouting out the same nutrition myths that most people need to steer clear of.”


Carol – Colorado Springs, CO


“Very comprehensive information using a variety of learning methods, visual, auditory and lots of repetition. This course goes through the scientific material and even describes how to market your business, administer the self-tests, conduct a client interview, and explains all the paperwork necessary to effectively use The Coalition, which by the way, is the real strength of this course. The instructors were knowledgeable and the presentations very clear.”




Roxann – Kalamazoo, MI


“I had already been studying this material and working with a health coach for a couple years before I took this course. This course not only rounded out my knowledge but supplied me with great reference material and on going support as I continue to learn.”





Catherine – Dublin, Ireland

“The course was truly great. I learned so much, particularly regarding the importance of understanding each person’s specific biochemistry. I loved being able to do the course at my own pace, enjoyed the humor and the animated videos. Keep up the great work.”


Javier – Caceres, Spain

“In my opinion this course is very worth taking. I have been interested in studying health subjects for almost 20 years (although my main area of investigation is self development) and I had never come across most of the information presented in this course. I never realized digestion was so crucial! The information is presented by Tony, Will and George in a clear way…it seems as if we are in a lecture theatre with them, but the truth is you can take it from the comfort of your own home. I feel much more enabled to help myself and to help others maintain, improve and regain their health. I feel grateful for all the effort made by the people who have put the course together, both the ones I have seen as well as those behind the screens. Thank you!”


Debbie – Ozark, MO

“I was taking this course for my own general knowledge. I’m not really planning on “Health Coaching” anytime in the future, but I feel blessed to have been exposed to such wonderful knowledge and expertise. Even though I was challenged by a few parts of it (my past science education was a long time ago), I learned so much that I can apply to my own life and to others around me that I LOVE.”


Alberto – Los Angeles, CA

“Great for beginners or people who already work in the industry…most of the information in the course was very new to me even after reading dozens of books on nutrition and health.”


James – Nixa, MO

“Wow! When I got the course I said I was expecting to pay 10 times what I did. Now that I finished it I can say it was a bargain! 10 times would have been worth it. Definitely professional level information. If you have read the Done With Being Fat books, it will solidify what you learned then take you well beyond that knowledge.”


Nancy – Des Plaines, IL

“Great Course! So much useful information with lots of repetition so that you GET IT! The best is that, even if you go through the course too quickly like I did, you can go back and learn piece by piece or as you look at your own or family and friends numbers. The more you do this, the more you will learn and connect more and more dots. Thank you for taking so much time to make this course. I would recommend it to anyone whether in the health profession or just wanting to learn better health!”


Karen – Billings, MT

“I took a bio terrain course in Chicago 6 years ago. Have been testing friends and family, but not at a high level. Was very excited to have the information presented in a manner where I could learn at my own pace from home. Great review and learned or reinforced many new concepts.”


Pam – Novi, MI

“A few years ago, I took the Biological Terrain Analysis at Biomedx in Chicago. I thought the training was excellent, but I am a retired CPA and had no real medical background so I found it very overwhelming! What I loved about this training was that I could replay videos as many times as I needed to feel comfortable with the information. This is exactly what I needed an would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about their health.”